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We are your partner to help move your Credit Union or Community Bank towards strategic transformation with automation to:

Enhance Experience

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Grow Margin and Revenue

Eliminate Errors

Bringing Agility,
Automation and Acceleration to Mortgage Business

Transforming Financial Services with Automation Acceleration

We work very closely with your business users to understand the business processes and help them automate to:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Grow Revenues and Margins
  • Minimize Regulatory and Compliance Errors

Knowing what, how and when to automate a business process is more Important for better ROI.
We can help!

Help your staff use their time where it makes sense and let our Bots do the Manual, Mundane, Boring and Tedious Work

Robotic Process Automation and much more...

Mortgage Process Automation

Automating end to end Mortgage processes across all job functions including MLOs, Processes, Underwriters, Funders and Closers will give 300% more capacity for the team to process 3X more loan applications

Consumer Lending Process Automation

Automating Consumer Lending processes like ID verification, DTI Calculations, Application Archiving will increase loan application processing speed from hours to minutes with more accuracy.


With 4X more applications, the only option I had was to cry In front of my PC if Bots were not here to help..

Credit Union
Mortgage Loan Processor

Industry leader admire our domain and technology expertise

At Gesa, we are always looking to streamline our processes to serve more members, control expenses and increase revenue – all while providing the best member experience possible. Digital Align’s domain expertise and solutions aligned really well with our needs.

Don Miller - President and CEO Gesa CU

Digital Align Inc. came in and mapped the entire mortgage process end-to-end, journey mapped the process. Identified areas of automation and developing BOTS to about 60% of the entire application, processing, compliance, closing and funding process. This is huge gains for the Credit Union during these challenging times.

Raj Bandaru – CIO/COO

Digital Align team understands the importance of aligning technology with experience strategy. With a pragmatic approach and more than a decade of experience in delivering digital transformation, the team can design and build a customizable solution that fits your vision and budget.

Brian W Johnson, SVP Business Strategy & Planning

I had the pleasure of working closely with Digital Align in the development our digital transformation strategy. He brought a depth of expertise in both technology and banking to help our team create a roadmap for our future transformation and growth strategy. Digital Align would be a welcome addition to any project needing technology strategy and implementation in the financial services industry.

Mark Taggart, President and CEO, Toyota Industries Commercial Finance


Our Results

After talking to folks who had worked with Digital Align and interviewing their current clients, gathering some very candid feedback, and talking to the CEO of Digital Align] and understanding his approach in how they deal with customers, for the size of our organization for the things that we want to do for the pilot, Digital Align was the right fit for the hands-on involvement that we needed.

- Michael Carlos, CTO, SkyOne Credit Union​
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We are handling the highest mortgage volumes ever in the history of Gesa Credit Union and increased our funding volume by 4X without adding any new staff and having current staff work from home with no overtime during pandemic.

- Raj Bandaru, CIO, Gesa Credit Union
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We help Credit Uniouns to streamline thier business process through

Robotic Solutions to help reduce task execution time.
Data Insights Visulize your business data.

What we offer

Discover current state and help streamline existing business processes for automation


Design the right architecture and strategy for automation for sustaining ROI


Develop automation processes in weeks with minimum support from the businesses


Deploy automation quicker and faster while increasing staff adoption and building trust between Bots and Humans


Our Customers

Meet our Domain Experts and Advisors

Rajesh Patil

Credit Union Expert

Denise Cadwell

Mortgage Expert

Prakash Narayan

Cloud Expert

Tim Bertheau

Value Creator

Kirk Kordeleski


Raj Bandaru


Samba Murthy







Our Strategic Partners

In the News

The $600+ million SkyOne Federal Credit Union is on a path to growth, but instead of forcing employees to work harder or hiring more staff, the recently installed executive team decided it was time to work smarter.

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Bot technology has helped the Gesa Credit Union double its loan funding to more than $50 million.

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FREMONT, Calif., June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the $4 billion Gesa Credit Union had difficulty recruiting qualified mortgage loan officers and processors to the team because of the tight labor market. When the Fed dropped rates 150 basis points in response to the coronavirus, the credit union's mortgage applications went through the roof.

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FREMONT, Calif., July 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Align, Inc., a leader in business process transformation for credit unions, is pleased to announce the addition Raj Bandaru, CIO at Gesa Credit Union and a client, to its Advisory Board.

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FREMONT, Calif., April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Align Inc, a California based company, is a leader in digital transformation consulting for financial services with a focus on credit unions and community banks. They are pleased to announce the addition of a top industry leader to its Advisory Board.

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When Gesa Credit Union needed to find a turnkey way to process mortgages, it turned to Digital Align and saw processing speed increase by 200%.

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