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SkyOne Credit Union​

We are growing fast and its evident that we need help in terms of adding more efficiency to our business processes to support of growth spurt and release our staff from mundane, repetitive and manual tasks to focus on providing the best service to SkyOne members.​

After talking to folks who had worked with Digital Align and interviewing their current clients, gathering some very candid feedback, and talking to the CEO of Digital Align] and understanding his approach in how they deal with customers, for the size of our organization for the things that we want to do for the pilot, Digital Align was the right fit for the hands-on involvement that we needed.

- Michael Carlos, CTO, SkyOne Credit Union​
Process Automated​
Charge Off Process
Card Dispute Process

Time Saved is Money Saved​


Saved $16,000

At full capacity, that one bot could save the credit union around $16,000 per month in compensation.
Charge-off Process time saved per month

20 hours saved.

10 mins per charge-off process​, 120 charge-off processes​.
​ Card-Dispute Process time saved per month

12 hours saved

6 mins per card dispute process​, 120 card disputes​.

GESA Mortgage

We were always having difficulty keeping up with our mortgage volume that continued to grow due to lower interest rates. The tight unemployment market, particularly while looking at qualified mortgage processors or underwriters prevented the Credit Union from filling 10-15 roles it had planned. ​

We are handling the highest mortgage volumes ever in the history of Gesa Credit Union and increased our funding volume by 4X without adding any new staff and having current staff work from home with no overtime during pandemic.

- Raj Bandaru, CIO, Gesa Credit Union
Process Automated​
MLO Processes​
Processor Processes​
Underwriter Processes​
Funder and Closer Processes​

Streamlined Mortgage Capacity

More than

300 %






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